AS ETH NMEA2K – NMEA 2000 Black Box Adapter


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Waterproof black box connects to the control head via an Ethernet and connects to established NMEA 2000® network. Access an intuitive user interface, featuring data boxes and pre-programmed instrument views


  • Compatible with: All HELIX 12, all HELIX 10, all HELIX 9, all HELIX 8, HELIX 7 (G2N and G3N only), all 11xxci, all 9xxci, all 8xxci, 7xxci HD only
  • Waterproof black box connects to existing NMEA 2000® network.  Distributes NMEA 2000® data to all Ethernet-compatible Humminbird® units on your Ethernet network.
  • Conserve valuable fuel and anticipate problems with an at-a-glance view of fuel consumption and engine performance.
  • View multiple gauges at once for the complete picture; plus view data for up to two engines and two fuel tanks.
  • Easily customize data boxes.
  • To use this product, a NMEA2000® backbone is required.  We do not sell these parts.
  • The following Models and Series require the AS EC QDE adapter: 788ci HD, 788ci HD DI, 859ci HD, 859ci HD DI, 899ci HD, 959ci HD, 959ci HD DI, 999ci HD, 1159ci HD, 1159ci HD DI, 1199ci HD SI, HELIX 7 G2N, HELIX 7 G3N, all HELIX 8, all HELIX 9, all HELIX 10, all HELIX 12
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

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