Rob Fort

Coromandel based kayak fishing angler, writer, photographer and artist.
All of my fishing involves artificial lures like soft baits and jigs for various species including snapper and yellowtail kingfish. The kayaks stealth combined with top end sonar capabilities has provided some of the most exciting fishing especially with modern tackle like micro jigs. The capabilities of the Helix 10 mega plus has taken this even further and allowed for active hunting of fish. The detail, accuracy and clarity on screen has even allowed for targeting individual fish. Being able to watch what’s happening with the lure live provides me with an insight like never before. I know when a fish is about to strike which gives the edge with hooking it. This has also allowed for new techniques to be developed in both salt and fresh water. The down imaging feature gives a three dimensional view and provides a true representation of what’s below. In the shallows mega plus side imaging shows the sea floor in amazing detail and allows fish to be located easily. The capabilities packed into the powerful Humminbird Helix 10 has meant its an essential tool in my fishing arsenal.

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