Delivering up to 3X the output of standard Side Imaging®, MEGA Imaging technology took fish finding into the megahertz frequency for the very first time. Humminbird improved this technology even further by extending the depth range and expanding the side coverage areas, all while improving the crystal clear imagery. It’s indisputably the clearest, sharpest sonar image ever-brought to you by the undisputed leader.


More anglers are finding structure and fish they didn’t know were there, thanks to the clarity of MEGA Imaging, pioneered by Humminbird. Using this high-frequency sonar, you can easily distinguish fish from a structure, see the direction fish are facing and even target individual species. And with new MEGA Imaging+™, there’s absolutely no place left to hide, thanks to extended range and depth, plus 20% more detail than MEGA Imaging.

MEGA Side Imaging+

See individual fish beds and small mouth bass holding near them.

MEGA Down Imaging+

Find structure as deep as 60m, like this submerged bridge located 32m below the surface


Broaden your search and increase your catch rate. You’ll now have coverage out to 60m on either side of your boat with MEGA Side Imaging+™ and 60m below your boat with MEGA Down Imaging+™. To scan even deeper and wider, use the 455 kHz beam of traditional Side Imaging® and Down Imaging® to reach depths of 122m, and 122m to either side of your boat.