Don’t limit yourself—or your sonar. Only Humminbird lets you view low, mid and high CHIRP ranges, either individually
or all at once. Dial in a specific kHz, search a defined range or cover the entire spectrum—it’s up to you. Because it uses
a broader range of frequencies, Humminbird CHIRP also delivers extreme target separation, lower noise and richer, higher-resolution images. With the power to reach depths of 3000 meters, you’re gonna need a longer line.

Exclusive Multi-Range Chirp
With full access to high, medium and low ranges, you can adjust your frequency to sea conditions, your desired search area, or the species of fish you’re after. You’ll be able to distinguish between baitfish and gamefish, pinpoint steep drop-offs, and identify wrecks laying on the seabed. In order to view all three ranges, you’ll need two CHIRP transducers, plus two SM3000 black boxes.