We have you surrounded

Welcome to the inner circle. Like underwater radar, Humminbird 360 Imaging surrounds your boat with incredibly detailed images up to 150′ off all sides, for a 300′ circular view of the world below. Locate fish, cover, structure and drop-offs in any and every direction – while trolling or sitting still.

Choose from five beam speeds for the right balance of image quality and refresh rate. You can also narrow your sweep area anywhere from 10 to 360 degrees, which is especially useful when fishing at the bow for casting to productive areas without spooking fish.

With 360 Imaging (an optional add-on), you’ll be able to see out to 150 feet in all directions. In this view, you can clearly see the submerged trees in front of the boat.

In this forward-looking view, you can see the submerged trees ahead without spooking the nearby fish.